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Fig. 21A, 21B
Type 1L Latch and ‘U’ Receiver for a pick-up truck tool box cover.
(See TDS 18)
Fig. 5
Internally mounted Type 1 (R & L) Latches and
‘U’ Receivers assure quick access for repair.
(See TDS 18)
Fig. 6
Externally mounted Type 1 Latches are easily
attached providing tight, tamperproof closures, and have no
loose parts ‘hanging out’ when opened. (See TDS 16)
Fig. 7
Type 1L Latch and Receiver recessed flush for
applications such as cases shipping containers, decks
under counters, etc. (See TDS 24)
Fig. 8
Type 1L Latch and ‘J’ Receiver mounted inter-
nally for display cases and containers. (See TDS 19)
Fig. 9
Type 1 Latches can be recessed or surface
mounted internally using flush mounted ‘RSL’ or
surface mounted ‘U’ Receivers. (See TDS 18 & 29)
Fig. 10
The aesthetics of internally mounted Type 1
Latches (See Figs. 8 & 9) can clearly be seen at center
above, as compared to the externally mounted Latches at
each side.
Fig. 14
Type 1R Latch and a ‘J’ Receiver surface
mounted for a tightly closed box cover. (See TDS 19)
Fig. 15
Type 1R Latch and a ‘JL’ Receiver ‘over the
top’ box closure application. (See TDS 19)
Fig. 16
Type 1R Latch and a ‘OTR’ Receiver which
imparts an Inward force on the access panel.
(See TDS 21)
Fig. 20
Type 1L O-ring sealed latch inter-
nally mounted. (See TDS 25)
21A 21B
Fig. 21C
Type 2 Latch for tool box security
hold down onto a pick-up truck tray.
(See TDS 81-2B, Fig 8 & TDS 92)
TDS 16-1B
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