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Fig. 1A & 1B
Type 3 Latches are used here with Type 2 ‘R/S’ Receivers in 4-way post application. These Latches are compatible
with all of the encased Receivers and nearly all of the special Receivers, making feasible countless combinations to satisfy any
fabrication problems that arise. (See TDS 114)
Fig. 2
Decorative cover buttons (for access
hole), and Latch and Receiver cover plates are
available. (See TDS 127 &128) Also Note: A
Type 3 Latch is shown as used with a Type 2 R/S
RECR (See TDS 114-1)
Fig. 4
Type 3 Latches are used with slot
receivers in metal framing applications, and for
sheet metal modular assemblies. (See TDS 117)
Fig. 3
(4) Panels with Type 3 Latches attached
to RSL Receivers mounted inside thin wall fiber
tubing. Many tubular assemblies are possible
with the proper Latch/Receiver combination.
(See TDS 115-5)
Fig. 5
Type 3 Latches used with a hinge fastened
to a second panel or to a wall make a variable angle
connection. (See TDS 113)
Fig. 6
A metal angle used with Type 3 Latches
makes a right angle connection. (See TDS 114)
Fig. 7
Type 3 Latches can be ‘ganged’ as shown,
connector shaft length as required.
(See TDS 118)
TDS 106-3C