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TDS 126-4
‘U’ Receivers are used in many applications; they facilitate latching at 90°. Used with any Norse Latch, the aesthetic appearance
of this Receiver makes it suitable for doors and other high profile applications. See TDSs 18-1, 29, 38-1, 40, 70, 85 & 112
‘U’ Receiver: UR500-500
: Stainless Seel
Fig. 3
Type 3 Latch & surface mounted
‘U’ Receiver are used to make a ‘T’ joint
to a thin panel.
Fig. 4
This cut-away view shows a Type
2 Latch and a ‘U’ Receiver joining a
door/panel member to a frame.
Fig. 5
A Type 1 Latch with braces and a
‘U’ Receiver hold wall panels tight in a
90° corner joint.
Fig. 2
A ‘U’ Receiver & Type 1 Latch on
a sliding door 90° application.
Fig. 7
This ‘D’ Receiver used with a Type 1 Latch
holds and supports a shelf.
The ‘D’ Receiver is a predecessor to the ‘U’
Receiver and can be used in its place. It has
the advantage of providing more of a sup-
port, particularly when used as a shelf or
desk top attachment as shown here.
See TDSs 18-2, & 38-2
‘D’ Receiver: DR468-500
: Steel, Zinc Plate, Yellow Chromate
Fig. 6
Fig. 1