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Type 2 Large Receivers
Showing Variable ‘Setbacks’*
Receivers: R500-2-375 Thru R500 -2-1.187
Type 2 Large Receivers With Short Case
Receivers: R/S500-2-250
& R/S500-2-312
This Receiver Has A Short Case
(.750"/19mm) and Two ‘Setbacks’*
(.250"/6.4mm &.312"/8mm)
See Figs. 3D & E/TDS 81-4A & TDS 91
Type 2 Large Receivers
With Short Slotted Case
RSL500-2-062, RSL500-2-125
RSL500-2-187 & RSL500-2-250
RSL Units Use The Slot Edge
To Receive The Spring Hook
See Figs. 3A, B, C & D/TDS 81-4A and TDS 93
The Variable 'Setbacks'* And Short & Slotted Case Configurations
The 'Setback' Is The Location Of The Key Access Hole From The Mounting Flange Face of the Latch Case, Or Of The
Receiver Pin From The Mounting Flange Face Of The Receiver Case
The Full Array Of Latch And Receiver Cases Displaying All Of The ‘Setbacks’*
Is Shown On The Following TDS 81-4
The Variable ‘Setback’ Of The Type 2 And Type 3 Latches Coupled With Their Ability To Incorporate Either The S1500, Or
The S1250 Spring Hooks Are Tremendously Important Features Which Facilitate Their Usefulness Without Modification
In Many More Applications Than Otherwise Possible
• The ‘Setback’* Can Vary, The ‘Reach’ Must Be Maintained •
'Setbacks' For Latches And Receivers Are Stocked From .375"/9.5mm To 1.187"/30.2mm, In .062"/1.6mm Increments
TDS 81-3B